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All-Encompassing Service: Efficient Counseling and Representation
in All Technical Fields.

The successful protection of an innovation requires efficient cooperation between several experts: in the drafting and filing of applications for protective rights, in respect of patent and trademark searches or in monitoring for and defense against violations of protective rights – in the law firm von Kreisler Selting Werner, all of these services come from a single source.

Experts in all fields of patent protection

This means: professional strategies, rapid communication, swift execution.

Experts in All Fields.

Our team includes experts in all relevant fields of technology and natural sciences: from biotechnology and chemistry through electronics, electrotechnology, mechanical engineering, automotive technology, genetic engineering, pharmacology, nanotechnology, medical engineering, process engineering, computer sciences and physics to software and process engineering.

In addition to the protection of technical innovations, we have a proven track record in successfully advising and representing our clients in all matters concerning trademarks, utility models, design registrations, license agreements and patent-related competition issues.

Experts in all fields of technology.

Proximity to the Principal Courts.

In the case of disputes, we support our clients in reaching amicable out-of-court settlements. Otherwise, we will support you in proceedings before the relevant courts. The most important place of jurisprudence for patent disputes in Germany and Europe is Düsseldorf, which is situated within 30 minutes of our Office.