We keep an eye on your competitors

In order to avoid disputes, it is important to be aware of the intellectual property rights of your competitors. To this end, we offer comprehensive, regular monitoring and evaluation of your competitors’ intellectual property rights. Attaining early knowledge of relevant intellectual property rights and their status can significantly influence strategic decision-making and allows potentially dangerous intellectual property rights of competitors to be negotiated promptly and inexpensively.

What can we do for you? We advise you in the following areas:

  • Patent and trademark monitoring in order to enable the timely filing of oppositions against the intellectual property rights of competitors
  • Regular monitoring of the intellectual property rights activity of competitorscan facilitate the decision-making process when developing your own products
  • Creating a customized monitoring profile with you. The monitoring profile contains information such as the technical patent classification, names of competitors or chemical/technical keywords

Our strengths for your benefit

Your personal adviser, who is closely acquainted with both your company and products, will provide their evaluation of the results while further considering possible countermeasures and consequences for your company.