Patent Translations

Precision and expertise

The translation of technical, legal texts is a great challenge for translators. It is imperative that the correct wording for chemical and technical details be identified and that the appropriate specialist terms pertaining to the field of intellectual property be employed. For translators whose training has been exclusively linguistic in nature, the meaning of such texts can be particularly difficult to comprehend.

What can we do for you? We advise you in the following areas:

  • Precise terminology that is linguistically and technically correct
  • Correct translation of technical terms
  • Reliability and high quality as a result of many years of experience

Our strengths for your benefit

Our qualified in-house translators – some of whom hold university science and doctoral degrees – have many years of experience in the translation of texts in the field of intellectual property. This experience includes, for example, the translation of patent claims and legal documents between the German, English and French languages. Furthermore, your personally responsible patent attorney or attorney at law remains actively involved in this process so as to ensure that our high quality standards are also guaranteed when it comes to translations.