Those who succeed attract imitators

As patent attorneys and attorneys at law, we passionately protect and defend the rights of our clients, for example against product and trademark piracy. In 2018, EU customs seized almost 27 million infringing products worth €740 million at the EU’s external borders . The internet in particular enables dubious suppliers to sell plagiarism and counterfeits.

Raising public awareness of plagiarism and counterfeiting is one of the tasks of “Aktion Plagiarius e.V” . “Aktion Plagiarius e.V.” awards the negative prize “Plagiarius” for the most brazen plagiarism and forgeries, including a trophy, a black dwarf with a golden nose.

dompatent promotes Aktion Plagiarius as a supporting member. We would like to sustain our clients in this way as well, in order to draw attention to product and brand piracy and the associated disadvantages from an economic point of view but also with regard to safety deficiencies.